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Обраћање Уредништва "Борбе за веру" епископату СПЦ на енглеском језику Штампај Е-пошта
недеља, 12 јул 2020

 The last attempt of calming the situation was made by the editorial staff of the portal ‘Fight for Faith’ by sending a dramatic appeal to the Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church to break the silence and prevent bloodshed:

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Editorial Staff: Address to all bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Friday, July 10th, 2020

If you are silent today, when Serbia suffers more than ever in the last twenty years, be silent, God willing, forever!

You, the man who sits on the throne of Saint Sava,

Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church,

The heart of every Orthodox and patriotic Serb feels bitterness because you do not react while blood is shed on the streets of Belgrade, which is shed by the regime of a man decorated with the Order of Saint Sava the Peacemaker and the conciliator of the quarreling brothers.

Do not stand on the side of the betrayal of the Faith and the Nation - you are asking for this madness to stop, for the civil war to be announced, for the regime to start treating its people with respect, and not as if it were cattle.

Please, we beg you, follow the example of Patriarch Pavle, who, in 1997, came out in front of the police cordon and lead the students. And now there are students and youth on the streets, the only future of this nation.

Why are you silent, when the blood of both the police and the people is being shed, considering that the regime of the man you decorated with the Order of Saint Sava the Peacemaker is sending its provocateurs to create chaos?

Why are you silent when you have no right to be silent, and when you are not entitled to be silent?

What is the use of money you will get from the regime for the temple of Saint Sava, when the blood of Saint Sava’s children is shed on all sides?

Our youth stood up to defend themselves from madness – the regime first took over two million people to the elections, and created chaos in health care, and then threatened to lock them in houses in the heat of the whole of Serbia, plus two million suspicious vaccines in the Fall, under the pretext of fighting against the flu…

People have come out, and the regime is now heavily beating them…

They incite people against each other.

How dare you keep quiet?

How do you sleep in your beds, you who are appointed to be shepherds of the Christ’s flock?

Go out on the streets with flags and crosses, on the streets, with the word of God – make peace with the quarrels, make brothers of conflicted, cheer up the sad, pray to God and the Mother of God for Serbian harmony.

If you are silent today, when Serbia suffers more than ever in the last twenty years, be silent, God willing, forever!

Lord, look at this poor people and raise their shepherds not to sink in torment and silence, but to ring the bells of harmony and love, repentance and forgiveness!


Превод: https://hive.blog/hive-122315/@lighteye/serbia-day-4

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