Bishop Andrei, The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCA): On vaccination against coronavirus
субота, 06 март 2021

 Dear brothers and sisters, children of our Church,

This announcement will be about the extremely important issue – vaccinations against coronavirus.

Due to their professional vocation, for many of our faithful this issue carries a very sharp price – in order to keep their jobs, the demand for them to be vaccinated is mandatory.

Before anything, it’s necessary to stress that the coronavirus vaccines which have been approved currently, are not vaccines in the traditional meaning of the word. Thus, the so-called mRNA vaccine is an experimental biological implant, which has never been used to treat humans.

We are witnessing an astonishing picture: an unprecedented campaign is being rolled out, with unparalleled energy, to vaccinate the entire world population, with some experimental agents that have not passed essential tests, and which, according to the information already available, cause many negative side-effects. However, these are only side-effects that appear shortly after vaccination, while the long-term negative side-effects are totally unknown.

One doesn’t have to be a medical expert in order to see not only the ineffectuality, but the extreme dangerousness of this venture. The actual, not overestimated mortality from coronavirus is not much higher than the mortality from seasonal flu. And for the young and healthy, the coronavirus poses practically no threat. Thus, vaccination against coronavirus is, on the one hand, an extremely dangerous and risky undertaking with unknown consequences: on the other hand, this undertaking is completely absurd because there is no necessity to subject the massive number of people to unidentified risks.

How, then, can we explain the incredible persistence with which this program is being pushed on a global scale?

If we look at the vaccination program in the light of the spiritual meaning of the current world events, we will see that in reality, the situation is even much more frightening.

The “mystery of lawlessness” (2 Thess. 2:7) utilises the supposed “pandemic” as a pretext for the unfolding of decisive actions for the establishment of antichrist’s New World Order.  

Most importantly, we must all understand that what is happening is a grandiose world-wide deception with unknown to us, but undoubtedly the most sinister, satanic aims.

The global vaccination, riding on the wave of hysterical fear caused by a year-long unceasing propaganda is, obviously, one of the cardinal elements of this satanic plan.  

What aim are these enemies of God and humanity pursuing, and what do they want to achieve? We don’t know. But it must be remembered that they have long been open about their plans to reduce the world’s population. Will the vaccination’s consequence be indiscriminate death? Or infertility? Given the above circumstances, we can expect everything.

Also, Christian morality cannot remain indifferent to the fact that the producers of the vaccines utilise cells obtained from the aborted fetuses for experiments and the production process, which clearly gives witness to the total immorality of these companies.   

Is there any connection between vaccination and the mark of antichrist? Even though the acceptance of the vaccine by itself is not, undoubtedly, accepting the mark of the beast, we need to realize that we have already entered into apocalyptic times. The current worldwide vaccination program is combined with the worldwide digital identification program: and no attempt is made to hide the fact that those that have not been vaccinated will have their rights restricted in one way or another. Consequently, vaccinations become simultaneously an instrument of control of the masses, and this very much reminds us of what the Apocalypse tells us of antichrist’s mark.

The very idea of the body of every person on earth being violated with this biological material is fully accordant with the narration in the Apocalypse. Thus, we cannot rule out the possibility that there is some connection between the coronavirus vaccine and antichrist’s mark.                             

It’s also possible that the current vaccination is but the beginning of a continuous vaccination program, and after this initial vaccination others will follow, which is a very bleak prospect.

Considering all of the above, we believe that this coronavirus vaccine may not only be harmful to physical health, but could beget spiritual damage.

That’s why we strongly advise our parishioners not to agree to be vaccinated against the coronavirus – under any circumstances, even if this may bring about physical hardships, such as loss of job.

While we are not compelling anyone to abide by our findings, and are not judging those who regard vaccination of themselves and their loved ones as being acceptable; but at the same time, we consider it our pastoral duty to give guidance to our flock. This is what our parishioners expect from us in the current critical situation.

Let us pray that the Lord may strengthen us during these current difficult times, and teach us to fulfil His holy will.     


Bishop Andrei

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